Ein Leben ohne Internet

Nur wenige Tage, nachdem Edan Lepucki ihren Bericht über die Auszeit von Facebook und Twitter veröffentlicht hat, geht James Sturm einen Schritt weiter und verzichtet für 4 Monate völlig auf das Internet. Keine E-Mails, keine sozialen Medien, kein Websurfing.

Over the last several years, the Internet has evolved from being a distraction to something that feels more sinister. Even when I am away from the computer I am aware that I AM AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER and am scheming about how to GET BACK ON THE COMPUTER. I’ve tried various strategies to limit my time online: leaving my laptop at my studio when I go home, leaving it at home when I go to my studio, a Saturday moratorium on usage. But nothing has worked for long. More and more hours of my life evaporate in front of YouTube. Supposedly addiction isn’t a moral failing, but it feels as if it is. […] essential online communication has given way to hours of compulsive e-mail checking and Web surfing.

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