95 Prozent der User konfigurieren nicht

Mehr als 95 Prozent aller User ändern die Konfiguration der von ihnen verwendeten Software nie, auch wenn das mehr Komfort, Datenschutz und Sicherheit bieten würde. Die Zahlen stammen von der am häufigsten verwendeten Applikation, Microsoft Word.

Less than 5% of the users we surveyed had changed any settings at all. More than 95% had kept the settings in the exact configuration that the program installed in.

This was particularly curious because some of the program’s defaults were notable. For example, the program had a feature that would automatically save your work as edited a document, to prevent losing anything in case of a system or program failure. In the default settings for the version we analyzed, this feature was disabled. Users had to explicitly turn it on to make it work.

Of course, this mean that 95% of the users were running with autosave turned off. When we interviewed a sample of them, they all told us the same thing: They assumed Microsoft had delivered it turned off for a reason, therefore who were they to set it otherwise. “Microsoft must know what they are doing,” several of the participants told us.

Unwissen (mit einem gewissen Anteil von Blödheit) in Reinform.