Warum wissenschaftliches Universitätspersonal eher links ist

Thomas Reeves sieht die tendenziell eher linke politische Einstellung von Universitätsprofessoren durch Neid begründet, der wiederum durch ihre schlechte finanzielle Situation provoziert und bestärkt wird.

Serious economic problems face the glowing, self-confident scholar with little money. How, for example, is he able to find adequate housing? Even US$300,000, well beyond the reach of most young and many senior professors, won’t buy much in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Atlanta or Chicago, not to mention Madison, Sarasota, Ann Arbor, Palo Alto or Santa Barbara. The affluent suburbs, where the successful in other fields gather, are out of the question, of course. And so many of us move into older, deteriorating, often dangerous areas, telling all who listen that we made the choice deliberately and that we, being humanists, have a natural desire to live among the poor and oppressed.