Die Zahlen der Fake-User in Social Media-Kanälen ist wohl deutlich größer als angenommen und wird Werbetreibende im nächsten Jahr etwas über 5 Milliarden Euro kosten.

every other comparable outlet, where popularity or punditry is determined by followers, shares or likes is subject to […] rigging. A rigging so pervasive across the entire social media industry, that advertisers will have no choice but to notice, as every day they blissfully keep their heads in the sand costs them million in lost revenue. […] Needless to say, this is […] very important for the likes of Facebook, Twitter and others, whose revenue and cashflow is entirely driven by projections of future ad spend by their clients, ad spend which will implode when after several years of being ripped off by robotic, inert eyeballs, the ad-spend budgeters decide they have had enough of being ripped off by bot farms, and put social media spending on hiatus until the social media outlets fix this issue once and for all, a fix which in practical terms is impossible.

Werbung ansehende Roboter, das muss man sich einfach mal vorstellen.