Die App Trigger informiert User, die in ein Unternehmen investiert haben, sobald Donald Trump diese Firma in einem Tweet erwähnt.

After Trump tweeted about the cost for Boeing to build Air Force One, the company’s stock took a downturn, and a similar stock slump happened for Lockheed Martin after he tweeted about the company’s F-35 jet program […] Some company leaders are saying that their PR employees are up around 3 a.m. in case Trump sends out an early-morning tweet that could devastate the company’s stock […] Rachel Mayer, co-founder and chief executive of Trigger Finance, said she’s been hearing „overwhelming“ demand from the app’s user base for a Trump tweet notification after his electoral victory in November. „When he tweets, the market moves,“ she said by phone. „Our users see this as an investment opportunity and a way for them to manage their portfolio risk.“

Durch Trump wird Twitter ja richtig groß! Aber alles in allem: WTF!?