Über The Dark Knight Rises

Wer den neuesten Batman schon gesehen hat, sollte sich Aaron Swartz‘ „What happens in The Dark Knight Rises“ durchlesen.

With the state having withered away to little more than a nightwatchman for the wealthy, private charity is all that’s left to fill the widening gap between the horribly poor and the terribly wealthy. But this is ultimately a failure, because most of the wealthy philanthropists are more concerned with their own self-image than actual impact. Worse, those who are making a difference are forced to cancel their charitable programs when the downturn (and questionable business decisions) cause their profits to slump.

Into this Rawlsian nightmare walks Bane…

Äußerst passend und von Swartz in den Artikel mit aufgenommen, ist auch Neil Kandalgaonkars Kommentar hierzu, der mit dem Absatz schließt:

The predictable result, not shown in the movie, is capital flight from a city which embraced law and order by any and all means, and instead got anarchy and ruin. The billionaire vigilante himself flees the city, having secured his fortune with offshore banking accounts.

So gesehen würde das Ende, wie es sich viele gewünscht hätten

I would’ve loved for the movie to end right where Alfred grins into the camera. It would’ve been enough to guess that Bruce Wayne is still kicking it.

…fast schon höhnisch wirken.

Was für ein Film!