Outsourcing der US-Regierungen auf Google-Server #

#Offenbar hosted Google nicht nur, was man der Firma persönlich und direkt mitteilt (zB Gmail), sondern auch, zumindest in den USA, was man an Informationen an den Staat liefert oder liefern muss.

In other words, according to Google, United States state governments have literally handed over our public data to be held and managed by a private company which has well-publicized partnerships with other governments such as China. The data is physically stored in Google’s buildings, on Google’s servers, managed by Google’s employees. This means Google now controls our government’s access to it’s own data.

Über das Problem, Sicherheit im Internet politisch und rechtlich erfassen #

#Marc Ambinder über die Schwierigkeiten, Sicherheit im Internet politisch und rechtlich zu erfassen.

We allow Google, Amazon.com, credit companies and all manner of private corporations to collect intimate information about our lives, but we reflexively recoil when the government proposes to monitor (and not even collect) a fraction of that information, even with legal safeguards.

Der Sicherheitsexperte Bruce Schneier hat sich schon im März die Frage gestellt: Who Should Be in Charge of Cybersecurity?