Schlagwort: requestpolicy

RequestPolicy: Egal, welche Website man aufruft…

Tools, Widgets oder andere Services eines den Gesetzen der Vereinigten Staaten unterliegenden Internetriesen (z.B.: Google Analytics oder der Facebook Like-Button) sind bei fast jedem Aufruf einer Website mit dabei. Ebenso die dazugehörige Datenaufzeichnung.

Each time your browser makes a request it sends the following information with it:

  • Your IP address and the exact time of the request
  • User-Agent string: which normally contains the web browser you’re using, your browser’s version, your operating system, processor information (32-bit, 64-bit), language settings, and other data
  • Referrer: the URL of the website you’re coming from—in the case of the Facebook Like button example, your browser tells Facebook which website you’re viewing
  • Other HTTP headers which contain potentially identifying information
  • Sometimes tracking cookies

Every company has different practices, but they generally log some or all of this information, perhaps indefinitely.