50 Tage lang verschollen auf See

Drei Jugendliche beschließen nach einer durchzechten Nacht in einem Clubhaus auf Atafu/Tokelau, mit einem gestohlenen, motorisierten Beiboot das etwa 100 Kilometer entfernte Nukunonu übers offene Meer zu erreichen. 50 Tage später entdeckt ein Fischkutter das kleine Boot durch Zufall etwa 1420 Kilometer von Atafu entfernt.

Michael Finkel hat die drei Jugendlichen interviewt und daraus eine detaillierte Schilderung der 50 Tage auf See verfasst.

Samu tried to catch [the bird]. He was stealthy. He crouched low and grabbed the bird by the neck. He twisted it. When Samu thought it was dead, he let go. It immediately started squawking. He twisted again. Then Samu plucked the feathers.

He cut the skin with his teeth. They ate a bite of raw meat, but even in their hunger, it was worse than yuck. So they dried the carcass in the sun. And it was good. Better than good: possibly lifesaving. They ate all the meat; there wasn’t a lot. They ate the organs—the heart, the liver. They rummaged in the stomach for bits of fish. They crunched up the bones and ate all of them.