Alternative Enden von „Lost“

Autoren von „The Morning News“ haben alternative Enden von Lost zusammengeschrieben. Die meisten davon sind Persiflage, Andrew Womack hingegen hat ein schönes Ende geschrieben, das so viel mehr Kontinuität bedingt hätte.

While performing surgery, Jack has another flash-sideways. In his moment of clarity, he sees himself fighting with the smoke monster—who looks like Locke—on the edge of the cliff. Now we’re coming full-circle with the conflict at the heart of the show from the very beginning, and that was so often explored between Jack and Locke: science versus faith. Jack had already joked he could kill Locke during surgery; he’d already hinted he had a „surprise“ for killing the smoke monster. I’ll leave whatever happens next to the show’s continuity supervisors, but that one shift would have had a powerful effect on the finale’s outcome.