Bewerbungsgespräche sind sinnlos

Wir sehen Zusammenhänge, auch wenn es keine Zusammenhänge gibt. Erkennen Abläufe, obwohl die Einzelinformationen nie und nimmer zusammenpassen können. Bewerbungsgespräche sind sinnlos.

In 1979, for example, the Texas Legislature required the University of Texas Medical School at Houston to increase its incoming class size by 50 students late in the season. The additional 50 students that the school admitted had reached the interview phase of the application process but initially, following their interviews, were rejected. A team of researchers later found that these students did just as well as their other classmates in terms of attrition, academic performance, clinical performance […] and honors earned. The judgment of the interviewers, in other words, added nothing of relevance to the admissions process.