Gmail behält auch, was nie geschickt wurde

Nicht nur endgültig gelöschte1 E-Mails, sondern auch niemals abgeschickte und verworfene Entwürfe können in Gmail problemlos eingesehen werden.

Last week I composed an email. I was trying to address a delicate situation and so finding the right words often takes several attempts. I wrote and rewrote the email several times before finally giving up and discussing the issue face to face. The message was never sent and was immediately discarded from the “Drafts” folder in my Gmail so imagine my horror when the downloaded MBOX contained this message. Not only that but nineteen different iterations of the email were saved and available for download from my account. Each iteration had a slightly different time-stamp associated. As I reviewed them in sequence I could see where I had written a something, then gone back and changed it upon review. So I had nineteen iterations of an email message that I had never sent or actively saved in my account.

  1. In Zeiten von Cloud-Computing können wir die Formulierung „endgültig löschen“ endgültig aus unserem Gedächtnis löschen.