RedPad Number One

Über das chinesische iPad.

Drei Absätze aus einem Reuters-Bericht über das chinesische Gegenstück zum iPad.

China Communist Party members can now carry a tablet PC to verify identification cards, read the blogs of cadres and manage state-owned firms without fretting that using a bourgeois Apple Inc iPad will ruin their street cred. Enter RedPad Number One, an Android-based tablet computer filled with software applications (apps) catered to a party official’s every need for control. Delivered in a decadent leather case for 9,999 yuan ($1,600), it is twice the price of Apple’s most expensive iPad 2. „After reading all the articles about this, I am impressed,“ said microblogger Xixizhiniu. „What an honor it is for you, the taxpayer, that you place a 9,999 yuan into the hands of the leaders!“

9.999 Yuan sind umgerechnet 1.226 Euro.