Über Adblocking

Bemerkenswertes zum Thema Adblocking: Die Werbetreibenden haben ihre Chance vergeben.

Advertisers have had fifteen years to show self restraint. They’ve had the chance to not secretly track people, set cookies for their own benefit, insert popunders and popovers and poparounds, and mostly, deliver us ads we actually want to see.

Alas, it was probably too much to ask. And so, in the face of a relentless race to the bottom, users are taking control, using a sledgehammer to block them all. It’s not easy to develop a white list, not easy to create an ad blocker that is smart enough to merely block the selfish and annoying ads. And so, just as the default for some advertisers is, „if it’s not against the law and it’s cheap, do it,“ the new generation of ad blockers is starting from the place of, „delete all.“

Und das alles abgesehen davon, dass Onlinewerbung interessenbasiert wirbt. Wenn, dann wirkt doch Werbung nur dort, wo noch kein Interesse herrscht, oder?