Umverteilungsgerechtigkeit, the Chinese way

Die Spagate der chinesischen Führung vereinen Kommunismus mit trüben Formen ungebremsten Kapitalismus. Dass es hin und wieder Ungereimtheiten zwischen Parole und Aktion gibt, soll weiter nicht stören.

To promote its standing in China, JPMorgan Chase turned to a seemingly obscure consulting firm run by a 32-year-old executive named Lily Chang. […] But what was known to JPMorgan executives in Hong Kong, and some executives at other major companies, was that „Lily Chang“ was not her real name. It was an alias for Wen Ruchun, the only daughter of Wen Jiabao, who at the time was China’s prime minister, with oversight of the economy and its financial institutions.

Umverteilungsgerechtigkeit, the Chinese way.