Warum sind Deutsche keine Patrioten?

Auf Quora kam die Frage auf, warum Deutsche so wenig patriotisch seien. Jens Böttiger hat dazu eine interessante Antwort verfasst:

Germans ARE patriotic.

In America you show patriotism by attaching a full size US flag on your pickup truck (Or confederate flag for alternative patriotism), singing the anthem before every baseball game, and sending 18 year olds to Iraq so you can later thank them for their service when they roll by you in their wheelchair in Walmart.

In Germany we show patriotism by voting for higher taxes on ourselves to make healthcare and college tuition universally accessible to our less fortunate fellow citizens, and by picking up after one another to keep public spaces clean and nice for everyone.

I guess it gets lost in translation.

Der Thread ist nicht uninteressant, aber wehe, wer einmal in die breitere Patriotismusdiskussion auf Quora einsteigt; Untiefen tun sich auf.