Wer reist braucht Zeit

Natürlich braucht, wer reist, Zeit und Geld. Aber mehr Zeit ist besser als mehr Geld, denn Geld versucht Zeit zu kaufen; es gelingt ihm aber nicht.

When you have abundant time you can get closer to core of a place. You can hang around and see what really happens. You can meet a wider variety of people. You can slow down until the hour that the secret vault is opened. […] Money is an attempt to buy time, but it rarely is able to buy any of the above. When we don’t have time we use money to try to get us to the secret door on time, or we use it avoid needing to know the real prices, or we use money to have someone explain to us what is really going on. Money can get us close, but not all the way.

Time is the one thing you can give yourself in abundance. It is often the one resource the young own. Ironically, if you exploit your gift of time as you travel, you’ll gain more than any billionaire can. Without exaggeration, you’ll earn experiences that no amount of money can buy. Seriously. Although it tries, money cannot buy what time delivers.

Ich kann mich an mehrere verregnete Tage auf einer thailändischen Insel erinnern. Die Zeit verrante und rund um mich wurden viele Touristen nervös. Ich hatte Zeit und sah in diesen Tagen mehr als in den dem Regen folgenden zwei Wochen.