Zum iPad 2

John Gruber erklärt treffend, wie Apple im Nachhinein seinen Zugang zur „Nische zwischen iPhone und PC“ erkannt und die Präsentation des iPad 2 dementsprechend gestaltet hat. Der Begriff „Personal Computer“ bekommt hierbei eine völlig neue Deutung.

The biggest difference, though, was this: last year Apple didn’t yet understand the iPad. They knew it was good. They knew it had potential. But they didn’t know what it was. They had a sense that in the conceptual space between an iPhone and a MacBook there was uncharted, fertile territory. And they set for themselves a wise metric: the iPad would only succeed if it could do some of the same things a Mac can do, but do them better. If it wasn’t better in several important ways for several common tasks, it would not succeed.