Die blinkenden Flickr-Interestingness-Icons

Wie recht doch Phil Hilfiker mit seinem Text zum Neujahrsbild hat, in dem er um die guten alten Zeiten bei Flickr trauert und die blinkenden Interestingness- und Weiß-der-Teufel-was-noch-Banner kritisiert.

The intimate family feeling of the first small generations of flickr users has long ago made way to an enormous jungle of never-ending uploads by camera-equipped users from all walks of life, many of which seem to spend their time vying for attention by any means necessary: silly blinking icons, one bigger and more absurd than the next as comments, and countless ‘award groups’ where submitting a picture is bound to the prerogative of handing out more silly awards to other users and filling up comment streams with these meaningless collections of little stamps and stickers.