Die Top 10 Kaffeemythen

Viele glauben das, es stimmt aber nicht.

Every re-thought that the best coffees in the world come from Italy, that Robusta beans are necessary in espresso to give the correct body and crema, that coffee was discovered when Khaldi, an Arabian goatherd, noticed his goats got much friskier after eating certain berries from a bush, that you can tell how fresh coffee is by looking at it, that there is a single correct roast level for all coffee, that french roast, italian roast, etc are terms which actually define roast levels, that you can keep coffee fresh with packaging, that there is a single grind level which suits most brewing methods, that it costs a fortune to „ge into“ good coffee, and that you can’t (insert coffee skill here) at home as well as the professionals can? Well, think again!