Edward Zitron über Mark Zuckerberg 👹

Wenn ein Artikel den Satz "Mark Zuckerberg is a monster" enthält, dann geht der Autor mit Facebook hart ins Gericht. Holy shit.

Ich habe selten einen Artikel wie Edward Zitrons „We’re watching Facebook die“ gelesen, der so dermaßen hart mit Facebook ins Gericht geht. Neben sehr, sehr vielen Beispielen, die belegen, wie Facebook langsam, aber sicher, zugrunde geht, spart der Autor im Finale so gar nicht mit Kritik an Mark Zuckerberg, die der sich wohl angesichts der Position, die er innehat, auch gefallen lassen muss. (Hier stark gekürzt.)

What Zuckerberg has done is monstrous, both in its damage to society and its financial opulence. […] Facebook’s culture is one of imprisonment and abuse, trapping users in engagement loops that tangibly harm them, something Facebook is both well aware of and intentionally not seeking to remedy. […] Ultimately, the software itself of Facebook, which does have value in how it connects so many people in so many ways, is a prisoner of Mark Zuckerberg, who may or may not have stolen the idea in the first place, making it just another piece of data he’s extracted through nefarious means. […]

Today, [Facebook is] an example of everything wrong with the internet — an algorithmic iron maiden that nakedly cons users on a minute-by-minute basis, a parasitic entity that deprives creators of their audiences and users of their industry. It has no principles or backbone, and it’s no longer a reliable tool for connecting people […] In a just world, this company would be a public utility, not the fixation of a corrupt and morally bankrupt billionaire.

Mark Zuckerberg is a monster. He is the opposite of what the tech industry should stand for — a monopolist that deliberately makes and proliferates bad software, and makes the world worse for it. Facebook and instagram are insults to every single software engineer in the world, built to trick and swindle and harm rather than providing a service. This man is a disgrace. This company is a disgrace.

Edward Zitron

Ich bin ja ganz im Facebook-kritischen Team. Aber dieser Artikel… Holy shit.

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