Ghostery schützt… nicht immer

Ghostery ist ein häufig eingesetztes Plugin für alle modernen Browser, das vor Trackingskripten und -cookies schützt. Ghostery ist die ideal Wahl für User, die Sicherheit zwar als Prozess sehen, diesen Prozess aber mit der Installation und Konfiguration des Moduls beendet haben wollen. Das Plugin schützt vor vielen Trackern, aber nicht immer, und nicht vor allen.

For example the UK National Health Service contains information about various health conditions and illnesses. One would hope that people visiting these pages would not have their web history tracked especially as this could be classed as sensitive PII, but this is not the case. Even so, many might assume they will not be tracked on these sites if they use the Ghostery extension, but unfortunately this is not the case either. [Ghostery] fails to show the reference to Google Translate on the page which uses the domain, actually the subdomain of it This Firebug trace shows that, even if the Google Translate function is not used and the Ghostery extension is configured to block everything, every visit to this page is recorded by sending a unique user identifying cookie to […] Ghostery’s inability to show the existence of these actual trackers is easily demonstrated by visiting one of Google’s main sites, here for example shows a visit to, where it claims to find no trackers but where in fact cookies are exchanged with many of Google’s properties.

Schade. Wir werden doch wohl nicht auf RequestPolicy zurückgreifen müssen, oder?!