Steuer aufs Sammeln und Verwerten persönlicher Daten

In Frankreich überlegt man, eine Steuer aufs Sammeln und Verwerten persönlicher Daten einzuführen.

[Online services] gather vast reams of information about their users, harnessing it to tailor their services to individuals’ interests or to direct customized advertising to them. So extensive is the collection of personal details, and so promising the business opportunities linked to it, that the report described data as the “raw material” of the digital economy. (…) a tax on data collection was justified on grounds that users of services like Google and Facebook are, in effect, working for these companies without pay by providing the personal information that lets them sell advertising. (…) tax rates would be based on the number of users an Internet firm tracked, to be verified by outside auditors.

Ich wüsste nicht, was gegen diese Steuer spricht.