TED Talks, das Gegenteil von Denken

Immer mehr Kritik am Format der TED Talks und nun an den TED Talks an sich.

I’m not sure what it is about my generation, exactly, but I’ve noticed a weird trend to watch or listen to „informative“, Horrible History-style things for adults rather than actually think. It seems to be a cultural reference point to think about the idea of thinking, rather than actually engaging the old noggin. […] And yet I write this from my bed. The most common response I received when I told people I was working on this was, „What? Have you never enjoyed one [TED Talk]?“ Which, I suppose, is my whole point. When thinking about thinking becomes entertainment rather than a challenge, something has fucked up.

Aber ja, es stimmt. Je mehr man davon sieht, desto mehr wird klar, dass das Denken übers Denken übers Denken das Denken nicht ersetzen wird.