Warten auf ein Foto

Der Fotograf Greg du Toit setzt sich in einen von Insekten verseuchten Sumpf und wartet stundenlang, um Fotos von trinkenden Tieren auf Augenhöhe machen zu können.

After one week, I had completed digging a hole deep enough to conceal my entire body and had placed a zinc roof above it. Situated just two degrees south of the equator, I knew that the hide would not be overly comfortable, but I planned on getting my shot soon, and decided to dive in. The next couple of months involved profuse sweating and gave me a small taste of what trench warfare must have been like! Every morning and every afternoon I could be found in my foxhole, along with at least a dozen Tsetse flies. In two months, only one herd of very skittish zebra put in an appearance. In fact, they were so shy, that I had to sit motionless for hours whilst being bitten by the dreaded Tsetsies, unable to swat them as the slightest movement would send the zebra running for the hills (or rather onto the dust plains of the Rift Valley).