Was in „Batman Begins“ passiert

Aaron Swartz, der schon über „The Dark Knight Rises“ geschrieben hat, beschreibt nun auch den Zusammenhang von erstem und letzten Teil der Trilogie, also vor allem, was in „Batman Begins“ passiert.

The murder of the billionaire [Thomas Wayne] shocks the surviving billionaires, leading them to reverse their neoliberal policies. Instead of getting tough on crime, they decide to indulge criminals, with a deep willingness to treat criminality as merely a mental health problem.

As the billionaires retreat from power, organized crime steps in, taking their place in buying off judges and unions and cops. Instead of being run by Wayne Enterprises, the city ends up being run by mob boss Carmine Falcone.

In „The Dark Knight Rises“ wird genau dieser Prozess wieder rückgängig gemacht und die Szenerie mit John Blake (Robin) für einen neuerlichen Durchlauf vorbereitet.

[Bruce Wayne’s] attack on Falcone leads to a new era of tough-on-crime, which dethrones the organized criminals and allows the wealthy to seize power again. The wealthy quickly reinstitute neoliberalism and buy back Bruce’s shares on the public market, putting Wayne Enterprises back in their hands. But the global forces of evil step in once again to “restore balance” by letting Bane to release the organized criminals. Bruce Wayne goes back to being an innocent child of privilege and the trilogy ends exactly where it started.