Windows oder Mac? Und Popcorn.

Jemand, der Windows von Version 3.0 bis 8.1 benutzt hat, verlässt die Windows-Plattform und wechselt zu Mac OS X, iOS und Android. Warum?

I’ve spent almost my entire adult working life involved with PCs […] during that time I’ve come to realize how fragile the Windows operating system is, and how something small and insignificant as a bad driver, incorrect settings, or the stars being in the wrong position can bring a system to its knees, and result in hours of work searching for a solution. That’s great if you’re being paid by the hour to solve PC problems, but if your dealing with your own systems […] you want to get them up and running as fast as possible so you can get back to real work.

Genau das habe ich mir vor mittlerweile 12 Jahren auch gedacht, Windows verlassen, und es seitdem nie bereut. (Und nein, das Preisargument zählt nicht.)