Schon bald wird Kaffee nicht mehr nach Kaffee schmecken

Die New York Times listet 32 Innovationen auf, die unsere Zukunft beeinflussen werden. Besonders interessant finde ich dabei den Absatz von Oliver Strand zum Thema „Neuer Kaffee“:

Soon, coffee isn’t going to taste like coffee — at least not the dark, ashy roasts we drink today. Big producers want uniform taste, and a dark roast makes that easy: it evens out flavors and masks flaws. But now the best beans are increasingly being set aside and shipped in vacuum-sealed packs (instead of burlap bags). Improvements like these have allowed roasters to make coffee that tastes like Seville oranges or toasted almonds or berries, and that sense of experimentation is trickling down to the mass market; Starbucks, for instance, now has a Blonde Roast. As quality continues to improve, coffee will lighten, and dark roasts may just become a relic of the past.