Unfollow Everything

Louis Barclay hat eine Browsererweiterung geschrieben, die es leicht gemacht hat, Facebooks Newsfeed auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren. Mit Unfollow Everything konnte man seine „Freunde“ zwar behalten, ihre Nachrichten und Postings im Newsfeed aber abschalten.

The tool I created, a browser extension called Unfollow Everything, allowed users to delete their News Feed by unfollowing their friends, groups, and pages. The News Feed […] is that never-ending page that greets you when you log in. It’s the central hub of Facebook. […] time spent on the platform translates to ads viewed and clicked on, which in turn translates to billions of dollars for Facebook. The News Feed is the thing that keeps people glued to the platform for hours on end, often on a daily basis; without it, time spent on the network would drop considerably.

Facebook Banned Me for Life Because I Help People Use It Less

Ohne Newsfeed keine Werbeeinblendungen, daher hat Facebook die Browsererweiterung und den Entwickler von seiner Plattform verbannt. 🍻