Vorteile errechneter Suchergebnisse

In einem Artikel, der zu den Vorwürfen der Manipulation von Suchergebnissen bei Google Stellung nimmt, erklärt Amit Singhal, warum man bei Google auf durch Algorithmen errechnete Suchergebnisse setzt und nicht, wie zB Facebook das plant, auf durch User ausgewählte.

The web is built by people. You are the ones creating pages and linking to pages. We are utilizing all this human contribution through our algorithms to order and rank our results. We think that’s a much better solution than a hand-arranged one. Other search engines approach this differently – selecting some results one at a time, manually curating what you see on the page. We believe that approach which relies heavily on an individual’s tastes and preferences just doesn’t produce the quality and relevant ranking that our algorithms do. And given the hundreds of millions of queries we have to handle every day, it wouldn’t be feasible to handle each by hand anyway.