Warum wir uns auf Fotos nicht gefallen

Warum wir uns auf Fotos oft nicht gefallen? Weil die Kamera ein Bild von uns einfängt, das frei ist von all den gedanklichen Zusätzen, die wir in unserem Spiegelbild „sehen“.

I keep hearing sentences like “I never look good in photos”. This originates from the reality of how we usually see ourselves. We look in the mirror every day and the person looking back at us is someone we know like our mother or siblings.

We are “used” to that look, speaking of the angle we take at ourselves, the height of the view (eye-level) and most importantly, the reverse sides. No face is symmetrical, and a sudden horizontal flip of our whole self, as it is in photos of us, is double the change of unsymmetricality to us.

No wonder we like the look of ourselves in Photobooth pictures taken with our Macs: They act like mirrors. Ever noticed?

Just as it is possible to get used to your own voice in a recording, you can get used to your look in photos. It just takes some time and practice. Release your muscles and put on a genuinely happy face.

In ten years, you will be happy you didn’t hide from every photo taken.