Wem gehört, was Google Glass aufzeichnet?

Was geschieht mit den Daten, die Google Glass aufzeichnet, und wem gehören sie?

Now imagine that millions of Americans walk around [with] a device capable of capturing video and audio recordings of everything that happens around them. And imagine that these devices upload the data to large-scale commercial enterprises that are able to collect the recordings from each and every American and integrate them together to form a minute-by-minute tracking of the activities of millions. […]

So, who owns and what happens to the user’s data? Can the entire database be mined and analyzed for commercial purposes? What rules will apply when law enforcement seeks access to the data for a criminal or national security investigation? For how long will the data be retained?

Wo Daten, da Begehrlichkeiten. Und: „Ach Entschuldigung, die Aufzeichnung war ein Irrtum!