WordPress im Wettbewerb mit Medium

Zum Thema WordPress im Wettbewerb mit dem Publishing-Service Medium habe ich hier eine entscheidende Stelle aus dem Transkript eines Interviews mit Matt Mullenweg am WordCamp Europe gekürzt und zusammengefasst:

Brian: Now, we’re seeing Medium really rise to today’s demands in publishing. For instance, TheRinger.com just launched on Medium, which is the type of project that we would have celebrated coming to WordPress several years ago. There are a number of publishers that are going to something like Medium. It doesn’t seem like just a fad. I saw an article recently on Nieman Lab that was talking about a number of publishers that had moved to Medium, and the editor, whoever it is, in charge of the Pacific Standard, Nicholas Jackson, said, “WordPress is a nightmare.” Medium helped them solve a lot of their problems. They’re obviously doing some things right in the content editing perspective. What is the threat that Medium or similar tools provide, and how do we improve?

Matt: A number of publishers, the number was about 5, which is the number that were in the Nieman Labs. What the Nieman Labs article did not mention […]: They’re paying those people to switch. Millions of dollars is going to The Ringer. They are promised and guaranteed revenue. I think that you have to look at this from the point of view, not that they’ve gotten 5 people, and they’re making a great deal about it, 5 publishers, but that they were on WP Engine, or WordPress VIP or something like that. People pay tens of thousands of dollars to use WordPress. On Medium, right now, they’re being paid to use Medium.

Alles gesagt.