Gmail Paranoia

Max Mansick über die Sicherheit von E-Mails per se als das eigentliche Problem.

There’s been some recent buzz about how it’s bad that Google is „reading“ the email of Gmail users. Google examines email algorithmically to power its targeted advertising in Gmail. This practice would be worth worrying about only if email was otherwise secure it’s not and if it was likely to hurt users it isn’t. Ironically, switching away from Gmail could reduce, not enhance, email security.

Dennoch heißt es im letzten Absatz:

With that said, I think it’s a bad idea to use a address (or any other domain name you don’t own). If Google – or your email service of choice – does turn evil or shuts down, at best you have to change your email address, and at worst they own a critical part of your online identity.

Doch richtig gehandelt!