Automattic kauft auch Beeper

Automattic hat nach Texts auch Beeper gekauft.

Schau, schau! Zuerst hat Automattic Texts gekauft, nun auch Beeper.

The majority of other chat apps have stagnated, entrenched in their positions, with no significant new players emerging since Discord’s launch in 2015. Given the state of the messaging world, we’ve long felt the need for a strong ally with the resources to support us on our quest. Automattic has a long history of putting user control and privacy first with open source, and great bilateral relationships with Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Matrix and others that we hope can usher in a new era of collaboration. […] Automattic is doubling down on chat after their acquisition last year of, a messaging app with a similar mission. Our teams and products will merge, and I will take on the role leading the team as Head of Messaging. It will take a bit of time for us to integrate and combine forces under the Beeper brand. We’ve got big plans! I’m really excited about the future of chat 📟

Eric Migicovsky

Okay, Chat also ein der neue Bereich, in den Automattic investiert. Die Automattic-Chat-Applikation wird nun Beeper heißen, Texts geht in Beeper auf. Und iMessage bleibt außen vor.

A lot of people are asking about iMessage on Android… I have zero interest in fighting with Apple, I think instead it’s best to focus on messaging networks that want more engagement from power-user clients. This is an area I’m excited to work on when I return from my sabbatical next month.

Matt Mullenweg

Na gut. Dann mal sehen, was aus der Sache wird.

Ich habe Beeper natürlich gleich ausprobiert, muss mich aber ans (zumindest unter macOS sehr fremd wirkende) Look and Feel erst gewöhnen. Mit Texts komme ich deutlich besser klar.

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