X steht für Ausdauer und Durchhaltevermögen

Elon Musk mag vieles falsch machen, aber er zeigt Ausdauer und Durchhaltevermögen. Beide ganz essentielle Eigenschaften für den Erfolg.

Was auch immer Elon Musk mit Twitter, nunmehr X, tut, wir alle übersehen eine für sein Tun ausschlaggebende Stärke: Ausdauer und Durchhaltevermögen. Wir wollen, dass Elon Musk scheitert. Das ist aber bedeutungslos und dient lediglich der Unterhaltung. Mit seinem tatsächlichen Wirtschaften hat der Wunsch kaum etwas zu tun.

However passionately you wish for [Elon Musk] to fail, he’s not going to do so on account of your feeble bleating. […] Accept the man’s propensity for eventually getting it right. Sure, he may very well not get it right with Twitter, but his odds are actually increasing. When you’ve survived so many supposed catastrophes, and you’re still playing, you’ve at the very least shown tremendous resilience. That’s one of the absolute key ingredients in success. […] Musk could double the revenue and users of X, and his perma detractors would still find a path back to a prophesy of imminent ruin. Likewise, he could lose half the revenue again, and his most ardent boosters would position the setback as merely part of an even grander master plan. […] Are you not entertained? That’s perhaps the only real question here. Either embrace the absurdity of it all with the casual demeanor of Camus, and chuckle at the ever-grander spectacle, or tune out of the whole endeavor altogether. But for the love of all that’s holy, stop acting as though the every whim of Elon carries the weight of the world.

David Heinemeier Hansson

Ja. Manchmal hilft so eine argumentative kalte Dusche halt doch.

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